Word Count Reduction

Our Role?

We edit the content to eliminate wordiness and reduce incoherency while matching the prescribed word limit.

Often, author go overboard with their descriptions, making a 500-word summary, which is just excessive. The publication standards are generally strict with their word count allowance, necessitating word count reduction. However, if all the existing content is relevant, this can be a very difficult thing to do.
Our experts paraphrase your content such that the original meaning is retained in words and essence too while minimizing the input words. Through our word count reduction service, you can be sure to receive a copy of your work that says the same in much fewer words.
This paraphrasing service often requires elimination of the relatively non-essential or less significant ideas, arguments, or content, which is an extremely challenging and time-consuming task. However, the professional editors at INCI Words have been working on such edits since decades now and can easily gauge the content that can be reduced and how.
We simply and easily manage this challenging task and save you from all the hassle.


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