Our Role?

As sharp-eyed proofreaders, we check your near-final copy for typos, grammatical issues, inconsistencies, factual errors and other mistakes.


What do we do exactly?

We understand your point of view and accordingly proofread your manuscript (be it an essay, a paper, a book, a blog) to ensure that it reads academically well. Our proofreaders also provide suggestions about the areas that require improvement or clarity by your intervention.
To summarize, our proofreading service provides:

Correction of grammatical errors

Stylistic changes – e.g. replacing basic words with more formal alternatives where appropriate

Comment boxes, for example, pointing out when a sentence lacks clarity

We will also check syntax, sentence structure, and recommend improvements and suggestions relevant to your content.

We also focus on the tone, vocabulary, consistency, tenses, sentence and paragraph structuring style, grammar, punctuation, presentation, and layout.

Why us?

Because we believe that clear, coherent, and grammatically accurate content assists the reader and makes the text comprehensive. This is a service to the author who managed to write perfectly, but missed out on grammar and language nuances.

40+ Types of medical documents

We edit and format 40+ types of medical documents ranging from case studies, clinical trials to case reports, and more.

17,000+ Medicine related journals

We have expertly edited papers for 17000+ medicine-related journals, such as Nature Medicine, New England Journal of Medicine, and more.

190+ Subject areas

Our range of specialized subject areas expertise includes neuromedicine, oncology, immunology, and more. Full range of topics given below.

60% Editors are published authors

Over 60% of our editors are published authors or peer reviewers, while most of them have worked as editors for various publishers like McGraw-Hill and others.

20.7Avg. years of editor experience

The average experience our editors have in medicine-related subjects is 20.7 years.

MDsPhDs/Masters only

All editors in this discipline hold PhDs, MS, or Masters degrees from top universities, including MIT and the University of California.


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