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Do I need heavy editing or a light edit?

You can submit your document to us to get a quote. In this free document consultation service, our experienced editors assess the original quality of your document and prepare the quote accordingly. After assessing your document, we would inform you if your document needs heavy edit or copy edit or maybe only proofreading. If you would like to use our document consultation service, please contact us for a free quotation.

Can I submit my manuscript edited by you to multiple journals?

When you submit your manuscript to our service, we match your project to the requirements of a specific journal that you specify when you upload your document. Once the project is completed, you can resubmit the manuscript for additional formatting services, that is, formatting for a new target journal.

Can I go for proofreading instead of copyediting?

We do provide proofreading on request for suitable documents. However, it is important to understand that we follow the standard definitions of proofreading, according to which, we define proofreading as the final checking of a document that has already been carefully edited to ensure that it is ready for submission or publication. If your document has previously been edited by professional editing services, you may be able to request our Proofreading service.

About our FAQ

While we have included answers to many common questions here, you may still have questions for us, or just want to communicate with a real person! Please feel free to contact us any time.

Have a question?

Our dedicated client support staff are here to help.


What are your opening hours?

We are open all 24 hours a day throughout the year. You can submit a document for editing on our website at any time as well as book a consultation whenever required.

Do you offer an editing certificate that verifies that my manuscript was edited by your agency?

Yes, we definitely provide a Manuscript Edit certificate that serves as a verification that your manuscript was edited by our staff and meets our quality standards. In fact, you can opt for it when you are placing the order and obtain the same as an attachment with your edited file. You can then print the editing certificate for later use.

My file is too large to upload to your website or send by email. How can I send it to you?

The best way to send large files is by Box or Google Drive. Please email us at and tell us which application you are more comfortable with. We will then provide instructions on how to send your file when required.

Will I find an editor matching my field?

All our editors are highly qualified and experienced professionals who have worked across various fields, often even outside of their own area of academic expertise. However, we always try and match your documents with the most suitable editor—that is the one with the maximum number of years of experience in the same general field as yours.

Do you check for plagiarism in the submitted document?

No. We do not offer the service of addressing plagiarism in a document, as we are an editing service, and not a writing service. Therefore, we do not offer any writing or paraphrasing services beyond what is necessary in the normal editing process. Addressing plagiarism concerns requires re-writing or ghostwriting, which is beyond the bounds of our services. Instead, we would be very happy to edit the text that you have written or re-written in order to address your plagiarism concerns. Moreover, we offer to check the extent of plagiarism in your document by using affiliated services and we can provide you with the plagiarism report stating if the document has original content or plagiarized content.


Do I need to include my references in the word count?

If you would like your references edited and your referencing crosschecked to ensure your in-text citations or footnotes/endnotes and reference list or bibliography are complete and consistent, you need to include them in your word count for editing.


You do not need to include your footnotes, endnotes, reference list or bibliography in the word count if you do not want them edited. However, it is not possible to exclude the in-text citations from the word count.

Can you follow the guidelines from my university or journal regarding referencing?

Yes, definitely. We can follow any guidelines or style guide that you require. All our editors have a thorough knowledge of different referencing styles, enabling them to follow any required style accurately.

Can you make my referencing consistent without any guidelines to follow?

Yes. Our editors are experts at referencing and can identify the patterns in any style you may have adopted, allowing the application of that particular style consistently throughout your document.


I don't have any guidelines for formatting. How will you format my document?

If you are happy with the style you have used, we can check it for consistency throughout your document. On the other hand, if you have no preferred formatting style, we can apply our house style, which has been specially designed for documents.

Can you make my formatting consistent, without any guidelines to follow?

Sure. Our editors are experts at formatting and can identify the patterns in any style you may have adopted, allowing for the application of that style consistently throughout your document. We are also happy to recommend the formatting style that we think would be most appropriate for your document.

Can you follow the guidelines from my university or journal regarding formatting?

Yes, definitely. We can follow any guidelines or style guide that you require. All our editors have a thorough knowledge of different formatting styles, enabling them to follow any required style accurately.

Prices and payments

Is there any time of the year when you offer discounts on your services?

We do not offer any discounts for our services, but we do have a Referral Program.


The concept behind not providing any discount is to ensure that our clients receive excellent value in return of their investment as we only hire highly qualified and experienced academic editors who get paid fairly for their specialist services.


This policy is important for maintaining the standards and integrity of the copyediting industry. Price undercutting through discounting is not preferred by the industry associations, as this drives down the editors’ wages and conditions, which ultimately affect the quality of their deliverables. Through fair and firm pricing, we can deliver an exemplary service consistently.

Can I receive a free sample edit?

Yes. If you are a new client who wants to gauge our service quality before trying our service, we provide a 200-word free sample edit. Alternatively, if you would like to try our service before submitting your full document for editing, you are welcome to pay to have a short sample edited. When you submit the full document later, we can then subtract the amount paid for the sample. However, please note that this is only applicable if you are trying our services for the first time. Any sort of free servicing does not generally encourage our editors and may affect their work ethics and hence we refrain from the same unless it is extremely important to you.

Your prices appear to be higher than those of some other websites I have come across. Why should I use you?

Our service may appear more expensive; however, choosing the highest-quality and most professional service available ensures that you get the job done right the first time, saving you time and money in the long run. Choosing us, you have ensured that your final document will be as polished and sophisticated as possible, providing you with the possible chance of publication or acceptance by the journal of your choice.


We are confident that our service is exceptional value for money. Further, by paying our editors at a higher rate, we are able to attract and retain the most qualified and experienced academic editors in the business, guaranteeing that our clients receive high-quality work.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments by credit card, PayPal, direct deposit and international bank transfer. In the case of bank transfers, we require proof of payment (e.g. a receipt) before editing can begin.

Can I pay in instalments, or after my work is returned?

We do require payment in full before we begin working on your document. It is not possible to pay either during or after we have completed our work. This is simply because we need to be able to guarantee our highly qualified academic editors that they will be paid for their time.


This policy is only applicable to individual clients. For our corporate clients and universities affiliated to us, with whom we have a contract to be paid in 30-days of receiving the invoice, the conditions are different.

Turnaround times and deadlines

I need my document back sooner than the times listed on your website. Can you do it?

In addition to the services listed on our website, we also offer an Express Service. This service needs to be negotiated beforehand, to allow us to confirm that we have a suitable editor available and that we can meet your desired deadline. If you would like to use our Express Service, please contact us.

If I need my document back urgently, will the quality of editing be affected?

No, the quality will definitely not be affected by choosing a faster service. The same amount of time and effort will be spent on your document nevertheless. The higher price of our faster services is a reflection of the intensity of the work required in order to complete your document in the limited number of days available. For example, your editor may need to work very long hours or overnight, and reschedule other work, in order to meet your urgent deadline, which is reflected in the higher fee.

I need my document returned earlier than the deadline I paid for. What can I do?

Please contact us immediately and let us know when you would like your document returned earlier that what was agreed on. In such a situation, we can check the availability of your editor to complete your document in the shorter timeframe. Once we have confirmed that your editor can complete the edit in time, you can pay the difference in the price for the faster service and we will update your deadline.


What happens if you miss my deadline?

We guarantee that we will not miss your deadline. However, in the extremely unlikely event that it does happen so due to some unforeseen situations outside of our control, we will refund you in full as well as try and complete the edit as soon as possible under the circumstances. This means you would still receive your fully edited document, free of charge, if we missed your deadline. We offer this guarantee because, as experienced academics ourselves, we understand that our clients are working to tight deadlines and that a refund alone will not adequately compensate for a missed deadline.

What happens if I am not happy with the quality of the edit?

We guarantee the quality of our work. This means that, in the extremely rare instance that a client finds fault with our work, we will take immediate action to fix the problem. In the unlikely event that you find errors in our work, please contact us and we will correct them for you immediately and for free. You can read more about this process on our Quality Guarantee page. If this does not resolve your concerns, you can use our complaint resolution process by contact us at

What happens if I make changes to my edited document? Will you check it again for free?

If you make any changes or additions to your edited document and would like us to edit those changes and additions, we need to charge for the new work. We calculate the cost of this new work in one of two ways: either as a percentage of the full rate (if the new work is scattered throughout your document, requiring your editor to re-edit the full document) or by total number of new words (if the work is mostly blocks of new text, requiring your editor to edit only that text). To receive a quotation for a second round of editing, please email us with your document and any instructions.


If you only want some clarification about our edits or if you have found some errors in our work that require revision, we can do this free of charge, provided this is within the scope of the original job. This work is covered under our Quality Guarantee.


For any other question that has been missed from this section, please contact for call at +91 770000015.


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