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Prophetic Medical Science has collaborated with significant foundations and organization across India to provide comprehensive and practical Hijama therapy education in India.

Our Hijama cupping therapy courses are available in both basic and advanced levels as well as through 1-, 2-, and 3-day workshops. We ensure provision of complementary and practical alternative teaching, including massage therapy. Assessment is performed to reward the learned and knowledge students with a professional degree.

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Uncontrolled high blood sugar level is stabilized through customized cupping plan.

Cardiac Malfunction

Reduction of cholesterol and uric acid level and removal of artery blockage without surgery.

Sexual Performance

Heightened sexual performance with improved arousal and blood circulation for complete satisfaction.

Fatigue and Energy

Focusing on allergies, anxieties, fatigue, and lifestyle-related issues with renewed energy levels.

Orthopaedic Issues

Restoration of the muscle functions and hydration of joints through personalised care treatment.

Neurological Disorders

No-surgery treatment for migraine, vertigo, seizure, coma, and most of the neurological issues.
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Hijama or wet cupping is an ancient practice that is also prophetic and hence well-established. It is widely practised across the world to cure or manage a range of ailments. It involves the application of cups through vacuums to certain treatment points on the body, followed by skin incision, and drawing of impure blood by sucking. Principally, the stagnated and congested blood is eliminated to detoxify the body and improve blood circulation.

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Founder - Trainer

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Co-founder, Director

Dr. Mushir Siddiqui


Dr. Farheen Siddiqui


Dr. Abu Sufyan


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