Dastangoi, the lost form of Urdu storytelling, completes 10 years of its revival this year. This revival has been made possible by two factors. The first, of course, is the greatest living Urdu writer and critic Shamsur Rahman Faruqi, who

Celebrated anchor Ravish Kumar interviews Mahmood Farooqui and Darain Shahidi on the eve of their presentation of Dastan Raja Vikram ke Ishq Ki as part of 10 year celebrations of Dastangoi

Shoma Chaudhury of Algebra interviews Mahmood Farooqui and Anusha Rizvi on Dastan-e Karna, Dastangoi, films, politics and life.

One of the earliest Dastangoi performances, here Dastango Himanshu Tyagi recites from Tilism-e Hoshruba at the first ever IIC festival in 2005.

Mahmood Farooqui reads Manto’s celebrated and elegiac ode to his friend the actor Shyam, Murli Ki Dhun as part of his 100th anniversary celebration.

Distinguished Urdu anchor and presenter Zamarrud Mughal interviews Mahmood Farooqui on Dastangoi and its revival

Mahmood Farooqui presents a Ted X talk on Dastangoi

Darain Shahidi and Mahmood Farooqui perform Dastan-e-Chauboli at the first ever Jashn-e Rekhta in Delhi in 2015. Based on the folk tale by Vijay Dan Detha, the Shakespeare of Rajasthan, India.

Darain Shahidi and the late Ankit Chadha present the partition Dastan, the Dastan-e Taqseem-e Hind at Jashn-e Rekhta 2016. This dastan is about the arrest of social activist Dr.Binayak Sen on the charges of sedition.

Mohd Aamir of Basti Nizamuddin presents the comic tale of Amir Hamza and Amar Aiyyar as children