“ In a Dastaan, stories are intricately woven within stories, developing the mystery from episode to episode. The mystery, while appearing to be solved, creates further mysterious situations. Thus the mastery of the Dastaan Go, or story-teller, over his craft is proved by his skill to keep the already awe-struck audience under his spell according to his will. ”

The last great Dastango of Delhi. 1850-1928    Click for Audio
Mir Baqar Ali
In August 2002, I had my first encounter with the Dastan-e Amir Hamza.
Mahmood Farooqui
‘ Its the tradition of creating & telling stories that define the Indian subcontinent ‘.
Darain Shahidi
I can perform Dastans 365 days a year. I love it.
Rana Pratap Sengar
Dastangoi has given me a purpose to believe in myself.
Rajesh Kumar
I enjoy my Dastans for the purity of its language and intentions.
Poonam Girdhani
Dastangoi for me is a journey to the lost world of Urdu stories.
Namita Singhai
Dastangoi is a lyrical storytelling in verse. It connects with one and all.
Ainee Farooqui
Dastangoi is an amazing journey of learning the art of storytelling. 
Nusrat Ansari
I love the way Dastangoi performance connects with the audience. 
Amina Sayeda
I am fortunate that I have witnessed the revival of this lost art form.
Meera Rizvi
The beauty of language ignited my interest in Dastangoi.
Syed Shadaab Hussain