Dastan-E Chauboli


Ana Pratap Sengar – Is a Mumbai based Dastango. He is a popular sought after actor/model in the advertisement industry. Rana Pratap Senger started his theatre career as a performer in the traditional Ramleela.

After working there for many years he came to the mainstream theatre and worked with several theatre groups in Madhya Pradesh before joining the legendary Habib Tanvir’s Naya Theatre. Over the last ten years, he has been part of some of the most important and historic productions of Naya Theatre including Charandas Chor and Agra Bazar. Rana also has several films and ad films to his credit including the ongoing hit series of Cadbury’s. Rana has been performing Dastangoi since 2010 and has over a hundred and twenty shows to his credit. He lives and works in Mumbai.

Rajesh Kumar – He is a veteran theatre actor with more than five years of association with the renowned Asmita Theatre and hundreds of shows and solo performances. He has been part of various Indian and International Film Projects including Red Gold, Halla Bol, Parzania and many others. His short film ‘Kavi’ was nominated for Oscars. He was also a part of National Award winning film ‘Boond’ and is a regular at television shows like Crime Patrol and CID. He also has several TVC’s to his name. Currently he’s practicing Dastangoi and has more than 100 shows to his name.

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