Dastan-E Jallian


Dastan-e-Jallian: To mark the centenary year of the massacre, this Dastangoi performance recounts the story of one of the most brutal acts of colonialism in modern history.

It draws from various writings across difference genres – protest poetry in Urdu and Punjabi; writings of Urdu stalwarts such as Manto and Krishan Chander; speeches of Gandhi and Tagore; and official reports such as the Hunter Commission Report to tell a story that speak not just of the past, but also of the present.

Performers – Nusrat Ansari and Ainee Farooqui

Nusrat Ansari – she completed her graduation in History from and went on to pursue her Masters in Development Policy. Her profound interest in heritage and culture and her curiosity to explore the Urdu language brought her to Dastangoi.

Ainee Farooqui – She is a student of History and has recently completed her M.Phil from University of Delhi. Her interest in Dastangoi emanates from her deep passion for History and love of the Urdu language.

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