It is floklore based onthe works of famous Rajasthani writer Vijaydan Detha. This dastan was translated from Rajasthani into English by Christie Myril, a scholar at the Michigan University, which was then translated in urdu and was given the form of a Dastan by Mahmood Farooqui, in 2013.

Dastan e Chauboli is a hilarious story of how a couple of women outwit all the men in their country. It takes off from one wily woman’s quest to reform her chauvinistic husband, a Thakur, who thinks he is a brave gallant because he can shoot 108 arrows through his consorts nose ring but the storyteller has other plans for him.

He is challenged by his wife to show his valour by winning the hand of Princess Chouboli, who has vowed that she will only marry a man who can make her speak four times in one night. Hundreds of princes have tried and failed and are now rotting in the dungeon grinding fodder for horses.
The brave and valiant Thakur, who shoots 108 arrows through his wife’s nose-ring every day, wishes to try his luck. So will he be able to confront this challenge and marry Chouboli, is narrated in the performance.

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